Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Instance Properties for Levels in 2013 !?!

I stumbled across these two check boxes in the level properties today and had never noticed them before...

So I hopped over to 2012 and they weren't there.. which made me go to wikihelp for more info...

Which only got me more curious...

Shouldn't Structural be checked on by default in Revit Structure? I mean, 90% of my levels are primarily structural.

Checking one or the other doesn't affect the look of the level any.. seems like it may be better if these were type parameters instead and you could change the symbol or something.

I like the building story and really hope that RAM works this in with their RAM/REVIT link because that would be super useful for not exporting the levels we don't want as stories in RAM.. especially the foundation 'story' .. I haven't gotten a chance to look into the new RAM link yet.. so.. does anyone know if this helps??

Besides the linking with analytical softwares thing, what else is logical day-to-day uses for this?


  1. What a great find! This gets me thinking…

    We often have levels that show up in many views (sections/elevations) that we do not want to print. We could create a Filter for Structural Levels. Then by default have Structural Levels turned off in the standard View Templates (we're an Architectural firm).


  2. Excellent idea Chris! And yes you CAN create filters for these parameters! So your idea would work beautifully!

  3. Might be useful for distinguishing between Finished Floor levels and Structural levels, in or outside of analysis.

  4. hi
    I am having problem opening a new project with a specific template (Structural Analysis-DefaultMetric for example) which I download it from
    I click new -->project--> Browse -->Structural Analysis-DefaultMetric --> ok
    it ask (metric or impeail) choose metric
    butt it open the defulte template not the one I choose
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help
    the original template dose not have the direction (east,west,..) butt the one I download have and when I open it with a project I don't see these directions
    3-no it is not

  5. While looking at IFC exports I found in wiki what the Building Story has a purpose:
    From Wiki 'Exporting a Project to IFC'
    Split walls and columns by level allows you to divide multi-level walls and columns by level. When you use this option, Revit cuts the walls and columns by each level that is defined as a building story. (See Level Instance Properties.) For elements whose base level is a non-building story level, Revit exports them using the next lower building story as their base level, with an appropriate offset.

  6. in 2013, this even screws up room tagging spaces on storeys that don't have plans.