Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revit 2013 and Design Options

I can't change my Design Options in my views.... ugggg.
I was working with a user to create Design Options just like any other project, created the options and went to set up the views to display the correct design option. Went to the design options tab to change the settings, click... (nothing), what?, click, click, click (because clicking on something that didn't work the first time always works by clicking multiple times :) ). What the heck!
Well since I had view templates assigned to my views... I looked at my view templates,
The V/G Overrides Design Options is now available and the check box is set to include.
With this set to include it won't allow the you to change this setting in your views. So I recommend changing all the view templates in your project (that have design options) to not include the V/G Overrides Design Options.
Is there a better way to change this??

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